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Sacred places

Shodmalik ota

The monument is located at 38 km. the left of the highway Tashkent -Olmaliq. Recorded in 1934, consists of 4 underground rooms with 6 burialvaults in wooden coffins.

Underground vault of 4 rooms with the burial of Sheikh Abdulmalik (Shodmalik), grandfather of Zangiota - located at the archaeological site occupied by a cemetery.

Findings - 6-12 centuries. Studied in 1934 (M.E.Masson) and in 1937-1938 by T. Mirgiyasov, A.Kahharov and V.Shishkin. The Mausoleum dates back to the 12 century.

In 2006 started the construction of the mausoleum, still under way.

Picture of underground crypt Shodmalik-ata

  • 1840