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Sacred places

Waterfall Paltau

Very beautiful, adorable, and easily accessible high waterfall. Its height is about 35-40 meters. Previously, it was called the "Academic" waterfall, because there used to be next to a holiday home of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR and conducted excavations Obirahmat grotto.

Waterfall Chukuraksu

This large beautiful waterfall nestled in the back of the blind canyon on a tributary of the mighty river Chatkal. Chukuraksu waterfall height of about 20 meters.

Pulatkhan mountains

Pulatkhan (sometimes also called Polathan, Palathan) - Table Mountain in the north-western spurs of Chatkal ridge - the western part of the Middle Tien Shan, is located in the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan.

Waterfall of Tavaksay

The grand, noisy and stunningly photogenic waterfall located in the canyon Tavaksay creek, near the border of Kazakhstan, in 50 km from Tashkent.

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