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The President disparages the state of affairs in the Tashkent region

The President disparages the state of affairs in the Tashkent region

A meeting has begun this morning in the city of Nurafshon with the participation of activists of the Tashkent region, local and national level officials.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has censured the economic situation in the province and the state of development in districts.

“I myself, the republican level officials personally come and solve the most pressing issues. Why does the Tashkent region not wake up? Time is passing by speedily, important is every day, every minute. The President determines the policy direction, creates conditions. Responsible officials must be firm in their demand for execution of policy, and lower-level managers should work hard and secure result. People do not tolerate empty words. The Tashkent region is abundant with empty words. Where is the competition, where is the science, where is the result, where is the initiative?”Shavkat Mirziyoyev inquired.

The President pointed out that in a province wielding tremendous economic potential, the existing reserves and opportunities are hardly mobilized in full; the industry still depends on several large enterprises. The level of development of industrial production in the Buka, Pskent, Ahangaran, Bekabad, Kuyichirchik, Akkurgan and Chinaz districts remains low. In Kuyichirchik, Bekabad, Ahangaran, Pskent and Buka, the volume of services per capita is 2-3 times lower than the national average.

Topical issues in the development of entrepreneurship and agriculture, creation of jobs and improvement of the social sphere are addressed at the session.

Source: Official website of the President of Uzbekistan

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