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President became familiar with construction of Tashkent Metallurgical Plant

Large industrial enterprises have an important place in development of economy and ensuring employment of the population. Tashkent Metallurgical Plant, which is being built in Zangiata district is among them.

The Head of the state became acquainted with construction of the enterprise.

Modern equipment for the enterprise, the project cost of which is worth 286.7 million euros, will be brought from abroad. The plant will produce metal sheets for automotive bodies and household appliances, metal tiles, corrugated board. After the enterprise will be fully commissioned, it will be possible to produce 500 thousand tons of products per year and provide employment for about 700 people.

The President got acquainted with the construction project of the enterprise in February 2017 and gave appropriate instructions to responsible persons.

For the past period, a large-scale construction work has been carried out here. Installation of metal structures of the plant frame was completed.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev became acquainted with the progress of construction, emphasized the importance of the plant for the country’s economy, noted the need for paying special attention to training specialists for the enterprise.

Source: UzA

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