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About Hokimiyat

The Hokimyat of Bekobod city is regional State administrative body.

The Hokimyat runs according to the Constitution of The republic of Uzbekistan and The Law of The Republic of Uzbekistan “Regional State administrative body”

According to these legislation papers it manages development of social, socio-cultural, economical plans and approve city budget plan. In addition it is a managerial body for belonging company and organisations. It also responsible for keeping city and public in peace and also ensuring human rights in the district

The Hokimyat consists of offices and departments. Their structure and scheme are approved by Supreme Assembly’s decree.

The Hokimyat of Bekobod city as an actuator, structure and the number of employees are set and approved by Hokim (The Governor) which is based on approval by city assembly of public deputies.

The Hokim (The Governor), the person in higher level, is responsible for the management of the region as an actuator and at the same time as a representative.

The Hokim submits reports to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Regional assembly of public deputies. His position is offered or assigned by the President, and approved by Regional assembly of public deputies

Hokim’s governing power is – 5 years

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